La Z'effré Family du 86

86 - Vienne


About jokers
On the mobile app, jokers enable you to automatically replace your incorrect answers and to get to the cache.

You have maximum 3 jokers for the entire game.

Missing a joker? There are several options to recredit your account via your profile.
  • find 10 consecutive caches without using another joker
  • use a joker code offered to you by the Wisement, or a code available during an event or a Tèrra Aventura communication campaign

My bio

Maman de deux filles de 10 ans et 15 ans, originaire de Charente-Maritime, mais vivant dans la Vienne à Gizay à 20 km de Poitiers, appréciant les chasses aux trésors, les aventures en tout genre, nous avons commencé notre première recherche par la cache de Saintes que nous avons trouvée. Façon originale pour découvrir ou redécouvrir les richesses du patrimoine historique d'une ville.


You and your mates are always on the go, and the number of caches you discovered are as numerous as Zonelib’s military medals! Just like a rolling stone, you are always on the road again... There is no stopping you : A dead smartphone battery? “No problem, we’ll just follow our instinct!” Forgot your picnic? “Who needs to eat anyway?” Staying closely-knit is the secret of your success! Because victory is even sweeter when you share it with your pals!

My adventures

Distance travelled


81 / 150 km


30 caches found

Calories burnt (selon Zéfaim)

6 boites de cannelés

14175 / 17500 kcal

List of caches

No cache selected

My logbook

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