Here are Terra Aventura’s 10 golden rules. Play by the rules and become a true Terr ‘Adventurer !
  • Rule n°1 : Respect nature, the environment and inhabitants
  • Rule n°2 : Flash a QR code or collect the mystery word in the treasure booklet. 
  • Rule n°3 : Take no more than one badge per person. Take none if you already have this one.
  • Rule n°4 : Post your adventure story in a comment. No photos of the treasure!)
  • Rule n°5 : Be discreet as a door mouse.
  • Rule n°6 : Pick up litter on your way.
  • Rule n° 7 : Inform the tourist office, if you have a problem. 
  • Rule n°8 : Bring along local food for your picnics
  • Rule n°9 : Before leaving your HQ, download the cache data.
  • Rule n°10 : To get to the start of your quest, consider all transport options and favour trains, bikes, carpools.