87 - Haute-Vienne


About jokers
On the mobile app, jokers enable you to automatically replace your incorrect answers and to get to the cache.

You have maximum XX jokers for the entire game.

Missing a joker? There are several options to recredit your account via your profile.
  • find XX consecutive caches without using another joker
  • use a joker code offered to you by the Wisement, or a code available during an event or a Tèrra Aventura communication campaign

My bio

GambryFamily, introduce yourself to the community!


Hunting, fishing, building a fire, using Zabeth’s hair as a shelter… Your experience as a solitary geocacher taught you to survive in the wilderness. Just like Robinson Crusoe, all you need to get through are water to drink, air to breathe... and exciting caches to discover! Nothing can come between you and your spiritual quest, not even the Bad Poï’z ! In fact, those rascals had better watch out! If they cross your path, they are in serious trouble! No pity, because after all, there can only be one First to find...

My adventures

Distance travelled

Ace geocacher !

1000 / 1000 km


402 caches found

Calories burnt (selon Zéfaim)

A complete Neo-Aquitaine menu!

175000 / 175000 kcal

List of caches

No cache selected

My logbook

Select a cache in the list to discover your posted travel stories and photos.


The Wisemen Stone i


The Wisemen Stone


To learn more about this quest, visit the bonus quests

Key to the Wisemen Stone i


Key to the Wisemen Stone


To learn more about this quest, visit the bonus quests

Parchment halves i

25/05/2019 - 21/04/2019

Parchment halves

25/05/2019 - 21/04/2019

To learn more about this quest, visit the bonus quests

Stolen Object'z i


Stolen Object'z


To learn more about this quest, visit the bonus quests

The unnatural machine i


The unnatural machine


To learn more about this quest, visit the bonus quests

Objectif Alien-0R i


Objectif Alien-0R


To learn more about this quest, visit the bonus quests

Objectif Alien-0R

Les parcours bonus qui seront débloqués après avoir construit entièrement le vaisseau spatial seront disponibles fin août / début septembre.
Tenez vous prêt !

1ère pièce du vaisseau (16 juin 2019)

2eme pièce du vaisseau (16 juin 2019)

3ème pièce du vaisseau (15 juin 2019)

4ème pièce du vaisseau (15 juin 2019)

5ème pièce du vaisseau (15 juin 2019)

6ème pièce du vaisseau (16 juin 2019)

7ème pièce du vaisseau (15 juin 2019)

8ème pièce du vaisseau (19 juin 2019)

9ème pièce du vaisseau (15 juin 2019)

10eme pièce du vaisseau (20 juin 2019)

11ème pièce du vaisseau (16 juin 2019)

12ème pièce du vaisseau (18 juin 2019)

Apprentice geocacher (24 fév 2019)

Congratulations ! You found your first Terra Aventura cache!


Out of luck ? You didn't find the cache you were looking for!

Ten (16 mar 2019)

I feel good ! (10 caches found)

xXx (31 mar 2019)

I've got the power ! (30 caches found)

50 shades of green (08 avr 2019)

50 shades of green, your novel for the summer! (50 caches found)

Terra Aventura Master (12 avr 2019)

Tèrra Aventura black belt! (70 caches found)

Almost Wise (13 avr 2019)

A few more caches and you'll be wiser than the Wisemen! (80 caches found)

Centenary (21 avr 2019)

You're on a roll! (100 caches found)

Two hundred (01 juin 2019)

You are quite a champions (200 caches found)

Spartan ! (17 juin 2019)

You are a professional geocacher ! (300 caches found)

Quatre cents bidons (26 oct 2019)

Vous z’irez jusqu’à Montmorillon. (400 caches trouvées)

First to find

So how does it feel to be the first one logged in?

Second to find (19 oct 2019)

Oh well, you were almost n°1!

Third to find (15 juin 2019)

Well, you made the top 3!

Historian (17 juil 2019)

You know all of Zabeth's stories by heart!

Sports (25 juin 2019)

Zabdo hasn't managed to ditch you yet!

Finderz Keeperz (05 juil 2019)

Zouti has put all his knowledge into your hands!

Witch Doctor (15 aoû 2019)

You've got Zéllé's magical powers!

Pond sailer (19 oct 2019)

You are kingfish!

Zee'Artist (25 nov 2019)

Zart's enough!

Knight (13 juil 2019)

Zeroïk has you feeling like a knight in shining armor!

Tamer (28 juin 2019)

You are a time tamer!

Zexperts (13 juil 2019)

You have braved the dangers that lead to Zépapeur

Into The Wild (28 juin 2019)

You are at one with nature and with Zarthus

Feed me (30 juin 2019)

You're a food expert

Geek (14 avr 2019)

Gamer or Geek ? Zaïtek is growing on you! Or is it the other way around?

Stumpy (15 juil 2019)

Zouch' will help you see the forest for the trees!

Limousin RoadTripper (30 mar 2019)

ZeeRider, on the road again!

Maquis Resistant (09 juin 2019)

Green wire on blue button !

Pilgrim (25 juin 2019)

These sandals are made for walking !

Sleep walker (08 juil 2019)

Not a morning person...

Zenturion (29 juin 2019)

Geocachus supremus..

Cavern poïz (30 juin 2019)

Zilex took you to meet the very first Men

Graffiti artist (09 juin 2019)

Zegraff introduced you to street art

Zen (08 juil 2019)

You found Zécolo in a peaceful haven

Captain (22 juin 2019)

Well done Matey ! You know the ocean like the back of your hand.

Geologist (13 juil 2019)

Rock scientist!

Barrel (14 juil 2019)

Cheers !

Trade (20 juil 2019)

You could sell a freezer to an Eskimo!

Robinson (16 juin 2019)

Irrevocable sentence

Billy goat !  (16 juin 2019)

Mary is not the only one who has a little lamb !

Book-mark ! (16 juil 2019)

You are quite the bookworm…

E.T (15 juil 2019)

Zinzin dans l’espace, vous z’avez renvoyé.

Maillot à pois (15 juin 2019)

Ziclou vous a fait changer de braquet


You have found the Christmas cache!

Go with the flow!

You have found Vassivière's 60th birthday cache!

Music lover

You have found the Nuits de Nacre festival cache!


You have found the Painters' Valley Zamela!


You have found Zamela's cache in party in Argentat !


You have found Zamela's cache among the capitals in Nexon !

Knitting know-it-all

Hibernating till spring

Mortuum Mare

You came, you saw, you conquered!

Moves like Zagger

Better than Woodstock, Zamela let's rock!

Miauletous's quest

You found Zaméla between two delicacies

Carved in rock !

Sticks and storms may break your bones, but stones will never stop you !

Celtic Legend

You have found the Saint Gence Zamela !

Recharge batteries

You have discovered the Jarrauds Waterfalls


Zamela has inspired you in Saint Auvent !

Pixie dust

A fairy took you to the bottom of the lake...


Simply Zaméla

Splash !

At one with nature

Try again

Zaméla with our Gallic ancestors


You found Zaméla on a trip to Fairyland


Zamela has taught you to master flintstones and fire

Sancti Quest

Zaméla is carefully watching over the relics of Léobon !


You and Zamela managed to keep away from the bottom of the ravine


Invoke the spirit of Zaméla in the Carbonnières towers.

Forest Poï'z

You have explored Ligoure forest

The mushroom badge!

Congrats from Zaméla !

Côtes de Bourg

Bonjour chais vous !

On a roll

Zamela celebrates wine in Bordeaux

Saved from the waves

Aldearde is relieved !

Butter Nut

Because butter is beautiful !

Bottoms up

We found the recipe for Pineau  !

Motor ! Action !

Zamela is the star of Caneda

Cap ou pas cap ? (13 juil 2019)

Zamela has lit the Torrèle fire for the Printemps des Landes  

In a hurry (13 avr 2019)

Save Zamela in Bessines

Podo' maître (30 mai 2019)

Zaméla vous fait marcher pour le Mois de la Balade.

Saine et sauve (08 juil 2019)

Zaméla vous sonne les cloches dans l'abbaye romane

Triple buse (19 aoû 2019)

Dans les rues de Marcillac, Zaméla passe et rapace...

Toque Chef (20 sep 2019)

Zaméla met les petits plats (en porcelaine) dans les grands

Qui l'eut « cru » (22 oct 2019)

Zaméla fait les vendanges à Montbazillac

Charente badge (25 nov 2019)

How the west was won (You've found all of Charente's caches)

Maritime (26 juil 2019)

Favourite (You found all of Charente-Maritime's caches)

Correzien (20 juil 2019)

Elsewhere, now (you have found all of Corrèze's caches)

Creusois (03 juin 2019)

Freedom (you have found all of Creuse's caches)

Périgord (16 juil 2019)

Heritage and roots. (You found all of Dordogne's caches.)

Girondin (19 oct 2019)

The high seas. (You found all of the Gironde caches)

Landais   (15 aoû 2019)

Natural. (You found all the Landes caches)

Lot-et-Garonne (08 juil 2019)

Tastes and flavours (You found all of Lot-et-Garonne's caches)

Pyrénéen (14 juil 2019)

Living for the moment (You found all of the Pyrénées Atlantiques caches)

Deux-Sèvres (17 juil 2019)

A breath of fresh air (You found all of Deux-Sèvres's caches)

Viennois  (08 juil 2019)

Journey to the future. (You found all of the Vienne caches)

Haut-Viennois (13 juil 2019)

All roads lead to you (You have found all of Haute-Vienne's caches)

New Aquitaine Expert (30 mai 2019)

You know New Aquitaine like the back of your hand (You found a cache in each of the region's "departments")

Season 1

Tèrra Aventura is your middle name!

Season 2

So how was that BadPoï'z invasion?

Season 3

So have you found the Wisemen Stone yet?

Back to the Origin'z

Your contribution to the Season 4 was not made in vain ! Your action revealed a tiny fragment of the Crowdfouding map. Here is your reward !

Season 5

You set off to conquer the Wild West.

Season 6

On a quest to find the Wisemen parchment

Season 7

Will you be able to unmask "Z", head of the Bad Poï'z organization? 

Season 8 (24 fév 2019)

Will you be meeting Zarthus in a secret laboratory ?

En apesanteur (15 juin 2019)

Envolez-vous pour l’astéroïde Alien-0R.

Terr'Aventurer (09 juin 2019)

Congratulations ! You have found all of the season 1 caches!

Into the Light (25 mai 2019)

You know Terra Aventura Season 2 like the back of your hand!

Quest for the grail (25 mai 2019)

Season 3, been there, done that!

Jetlagued (03 juin 2019)

Season 4 completed ! After this time travel, the Wisemen thank you for choosing their airline.

Western Clafoutis (03 juin 2019)

You finished season 5 !

On the run (17 juin 2019)

Giddy up! Here come the Bad Poï'z..

Secret agent (25 nov 2019)

Season 7 is over. You located the "Bad Guy" !

Nature Nut (15 aoû 2019)

You succeeded in stopping the infernal machine !

Saison 9 (13 juin 2019)

Vous avez reconstitué le tèrr’astronef des Poï’z !

BadPoï'z Hunter

You caught a season 2 BadPoï'z!

A bit of a bandit (09 avr 2019)

You found Zescro's hideout during season 3!

Who'z the boss ? (07 avr 2019)

You found Zekid's hideout during season 3!

Banana (08 avr 2019)

You found Zarbi's hideout during season 3!

Bounty hunter (09 avr 2019)

You have found all of season 3's BadPoï'z!

The scoundrel

Behind bars Zarbi.

The bully

Bye bye bank robberies for Zescro !

The crook

No more saloon hold-ups for Zekid

Zeriff (21 avr 2019)

Faster than a speeding bullet !

Nastier than Zescro

So, how does it feel to be a cheater ?

Fourth Dimension (27 avr 2019)

Augmented reality caches !

Bouh !

Zekid vous a surpris lors d'un parcours ! Heureusement, vous n'êtes pas tombé dans le panneau... (Question Bad Poï'z gélocalisée)


Zarbi a du mal à se retenir... Passez rapidement votre chemin (Question Bad Poï'z géolocalisée)

Niark !

Zescro a tenté de vous ralentir ! Mais vous n'avez pas été dupes... (Question Bad Poï'z géolocalisée)

Indiana Zones (09 avr 2019)

OK, we have the map, now what?

Solid as a rock (20 avr 2019)

Find the Wisemen Stone!

Persevere is the key ! (22 avr 2019)

Congratulations, you have just found the Wisemen Stone's key ! By the way, anybody knows how it works ?

Winner is coming ! (20 avr 2019)

9 banners found ! Now you know all about the Limousin heritage, but please don't tell Zabeth about it...

Half-way (25 mai 2019)

You found the Wisemen parchment ! Or at least what is left of it...

Second half (21 avr 2019)

The Wisemen parchment is now whole again !

Eureka ! (25 mai 2019)

You put the directions back together

Pickpocket (27 avr 2019)

You found the stolen Object'z!

Big boss (01 mai 2019)

You unmasked « Z » in his/her headquarters.

Zarthus is free (18 juin 2019)

You freed this Poï’z from the claws of Z.

Space cheap (20 juin 2019)

Le tèrr'astronef est paré au décollage !

Galaxie tour (04 sep 2019)

Votre voyage dans l'espace ne fait que commencer…

Happy Poïzday !

You were present at Tèrra Aventura's 5th birthday.

2016 start !

Moutonneau's event !

Season 2017 begins

You found a cache on opening week-end!

2018 Launching

You found a cache during the 2018 launching weekend.

Lancement 2019 (15 juin 2019)

Avoir trouvé une cache le weekend du lancement 2019.

Geocaching Day 2017

You found a cache during the 2017 International Geocaching Day

Geocaching Day 2018

Avoir trouvé une cache pendant la journée internationale du geocaching 2018.

Géocaching Day 2019 (17 aoû 2019)

Avoir trouvé une cache pendant la journée internationale du geocaching 2019.

Green attitude

Congratulations on preserving your favourite play area!

The storyteller in you

What a great story ! You deserve an award!

Eye of the tiger

That's a fantastic photo ! You deserve an award!

Trick or Treat ? (19 oct 2019)

Spring break !

White Walker (11 mar 2019)

Geocaching through the wildings

Easter Hipster (09 avr 2019)

Limousin during Spring Break!

Sponsor (27 aoû 2019)

You sponsored a new Tèrr'adventurer!

Pioneer (22 avr 2019)

The Wisemen know you well !

Maker Madness Champion

You won the "Create your own Terra Aventura cache"


We hereby declare you the eyes of the Wisemen! Thank-you for your help!

Vous pensiez que nous allions vous laisser espionner la carte des autres Tèrr'Aventuriers ?!
C'était bien mal nous connaître !!

Impressive painters (20 avr 2019)

Paint the valley red

Vienne River craftsmen (11 mar 2019)

Limousin's got talent

Gourmet Limousin (20 avr 2019)

A taste for excellence

St James's Way (20 avr 2019)

Santiago here I come

The Maquis (11 avr 2019)

Resistance with a capital R

Creuse masons (13 avr 2019)

Builders at their best

Life on the Plateau (20 avr 2019)

Wonderful wilderness

Gabare masters (12 avr 2019)

Row row row your boat

On Golden Farm (09 avr 2019)

Our culture, our roots

Top secret porcelain recipe (23 avr 2019)

There’s something more than quartz in this recipe… Kaolin clay, maybe ?

Stolen tapestry - « The unicorn » (30 mar 2019)

Masterpiece from Aubusson, Zarbi found it « too girly » to put in his room.

« The Angels’ Share » Elixir (23 avr 2019)

Cognac : Perfection in a bottle… Zarbi says it tastes like bananas!

Bow of the Hermione (12 mar 2019)

La Fayette’s frigate located its accessory : just because you’re a General doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable! 

Aubazine stained-glass windows (07 avr 2019)

Unique and inspiring ! Without these stained-glass windows, Chanel never would have become Coco! 

Silver coin belonging to the Frankish Kings (27 avr 2019)

Forged centuries ago in the mines of Melle. Zarbi stupidly lost it while making change! 

Arch of Agen’s bridge-canal (11 avr 2019)

Not sure how well this will work now!

First graffiti from Lascaux (27 avr 2019)

Popular Paleolithic Art...

Key (27 avr 2019)

Code : 1-3-3-7-E. You never know when this might come in handy.

Sundew petals (16 mar 2019)

The peat bog flower has disappeared ?! 

Serpentinite fragment (23 mar 2019)

Its iridescent glint no longer lights up the moorland 

Truffle oak bark (30 mar 2019)

Disposessed black gold 

Monet’s waterlily (07 avr 2019)

The painters’ valley has lost its inspiration 

Fritillary Guinea fowl (09 avr 2019)

The river Vienne weeps for its meadowsweet

Mélusine’s scale (12 avr 2019)

The Poitevin fairy is inconsolable 

March salt (27 avr 2019)

We deplore the loss of its precious crystals 

European bee-eater’s feather (01 mai 2019)

This North-African bird might catch a cold

Centennial pine resin (23 mai 2019)

There’s no resin why you won’t end up finding it !

The Bay’s oyster pearl (29 mai 2019)

The ocean’s gem has gone away 

Sweet pepper (30 mai 2019)

It’s a bit much !

Serres Rock (31 mai 2019)

As sad as a rock