The Poï’z

There are 35 Poï’z characters ! They are collectible badges in each cache, each representing a different theme : History, tales and legends, night time, Gallo-Roman, skills, and many more !

I like to ride my bicycle...


If you’re looking for Ziclou, when he is not on the roads of Terra Aventura, he can be found in his den, cheering on the Tour de France cycling race! 

No matter the weather, no matter the landscape, Ziclou is always on the go. In fact, some say he knew how to pedal before learning to walk!   



Cycling jerseys and coming in first place 


Flat ties and electric bikes




Zahan was thought to be a legendary creature for a very long time. Some even say that this mancub-like creature vanished into thin air.

According to Zarthus’s studies, traces of Zahan are said to have been found in Limousin. He is a small, wild yet sweet and harmless creature that cannot easily be seen. He digs underground galleries to hide there. He eats beechnuts, acorns, tubers and other roots he finds in the forest.

If you happen to come across Zahan, do not worry, he has little interest in human beings! He often hides deep in the woods, where he can be at one with the animal kingdom. If you keep quiet, you will surely see him!



Animals, forests, wildlife, his horns, digging holes, caves


Chatting, video games (he doesn’t know what they are), Zarthus - who keeps annoying him!

Poiz Zahan - Animals



He has the spirit of a great artist and is a Picasso lover. He spends his days creating new masterpieces and criticizing other artist’s works. His extravagance and eccentricity make him a strange yet funny little creature. You can sometimes hear him using a sophisticated yet useless German accent that might remind you of a certain Karl. He is the master of Limousin arts Poï’z and can sometimes be heard arguing with Zabeth. When they get together, these 2 Poï’z are quite a team!



Paintbrushes, poems, chatting, sculpting, his hat.


Science, being told what to do, being rational, blank canvases.

Poiz Zart - Arts



He is probably the coolest, most laidback Poï’z. He is named after his godly ancestor and he comes from the Millevaches plateau. He can be found in each of Limousin’s bodies of water. He is much more « Peace & Love » than « Fast & Furious » and he’d do just about anything to avoid a conflict. He loves being found in his hiding places and being pinned on a t-shirt or a baseball cap, where he can watch the world from above.



Ponds, lakes, swimming, wells… in other words, water!


Being wrung out then put to dry, teardrops

Poiz Zeidon - Waterside

History of commerce


Zéchopp is a sly and clever salesman poï’z… whatever you need (or don’t need!), Zéchopp has it, and will sell it to you for a “bargain” price, (or so he says…)  


Markets, fairs and the sound of change in his wallet.


Stingy customers and bounced cheques
Poiz Zéchopp - Histoire du commerce

Tales and Legends


Once upon a time there was a mystic creature named Zellé. She was solitary and reserved. She had a trusty book of magic spells and an amulet and she enjoyed telling incredible and exciting tales. If you are looking for her, remember that she loves fountains (especially if they have healing powers!)

She is a healer and she masters the ancestor art of bonesetting. She knows all about Limousin’s sacred places and rituals that took place there. She will introduce you to the benefits of water springs, medicinal plants, a hobby she shares with Zarthus, who is an avid plant lover.

Converting yourself to Zéllé’s rituals will do you a world of good…



Her fairy friend Tinkerbell, predicting the future, amulets, quiet, meditating,


Charlatans, unbelievers, people who say she doesn’t exist

Poiz Zellé - Tales and Legends



His name is ZFL-452XB2030, but on his planet, everyone calls him “Zinzin” (which means “Nutcase” in French!). 

On board his spaceship, this visitor from another planet has a talent for finding everything strange and quirky in the universe !  

This summer, keep an eye on the Nouvelle-Aquitaine skies. You might see our friend flying by!



Hyper-propulsion and « space » music (Space oddity, Lady Gagarine…)


Black holes, people who are afraid of him. 


Here today, gone tomorrow


Zamela is a traveller and a rolling stone who is comfortable in every situation. She is never where you expect to see her. She is spontaneous and may seem shy, but she is actually quite cheeky and enjoys driving people mad. She can make herself invisible, which comes in handy when the Bad Poï’z are around.



Partying, camping, playing hide and seek, sleeping under the stars.


Being found, not being looked for…

Poiz Zaméla - Here today, gone tomorrow



Not only is Zigomatix the most impressive Poï’z, he is also the funniest ! He barely ever loses his cool and almost always has a smile on his face. He loves old stones, especially the ones in Chassenon.



Warm beer, his dentist, and helmets (which he collects).


Being compared to his cousin Obelix...

Poiz Zigomatix - Gallo-Roman



A zest of laziness, a pinch or two of sun, a tablespoon of delicacy, a dash of amorousness and a hint of humour. Mix these ingredients and Zéfaim is what you get ! No artificial colours and no preservatives, guaranteed !

He loves making up his own recipes and truly enjoys feeding a crowd !

He sometimes gets a bit carried away so expect to taste flavours you’ve never come across before ! Zéfaim’s mission is for you to discover Limousin’s delicious specialties.



Macaroons and Limousin dishes such as « Mique », « Farcidure », « pâté de pommes de terre », and just about anything that can be eaten !


His nutritionnist, his dentist, Zabdo’s weight loss programmes !

Poiz Zéfaim - Food



Zektonic is as bright as his headlamp and a charmer! Zek, as he is often referred to, has granite-pink skin, a pearly-white smile and a sturdy build that all have the lady poï’z swooning. Much to their dismay, Zektonic only has eyes for his rock’z.



Rock & Roll music, especially The Rolling Stone’z.


Acid rain and bottomless caves.

Poiz Zektonic - Géologie

History and monuments


Zabeth is a history nut. Although she is aware that there is no sense living in the past, she has a lot of trouble adapting to the new generation and modern technology. The way she talks is a bit … old-fashioned but this does not bother her in the least. She is the queen of investigation, she knows everything there is to know about history, mainly because of her age (but beware : do not remind her of it !). She loves gossip, which does not stop her from being a great historian.



Feeling indispensable, her hairdo, being wooed, romanticism, the Queen of England.


Vulgarity, colloquialisms, when Zart’ interrupts her, when people let books get dusty.

Poiz Zabeth - History and monuments



Zohée is a fearless « Poï’z Vs. Wild » Poï’z ! Sleeping outdoors and eating insects are his favourite hobbies !



Building tree cabins and beach fires.


Cruises, green algae and tidal waves.

Poiz Zohéé - Insulaire



Zétoulu is a bibliophile, but don’t be fooled by her « top of the class » looks. Zétoulu may be a bookworm, but is also a blockbuster barrel of fun !

She loves to narrate works of literature in her very own original manner ! She is on a first name basis with Romeo and Juliet, and she has even been spotted chatting with The Little Prince!

Ready ? Set ! Read !



When her Poï’z friends ask her to read them a story; sitting down with a good book.


Poï’z who don’t return books to the library on time; getting writer’s block.




One for all and all for one ! Zeroik speaks in a medieval manner. His coat of arms is made by Zouti and he is a knight in shining armor : just ask Zabeth! These 2 Poï’z friends have been by his side for centuries.

Despite being a loner, Zéroïk enjoys saving damsels in distress. He is always on the go, looking for new and exciting treasures.



Weapons, his coat of armor, quiet and the peacefulness of old castles, loopholes.


Poï’z who talk too much, Bad Poï’z, humidity in old castles (rust !), other Poï’z chatting up Zabeth!

Poiz Zéroïk - Medieval

Expert level


He is THE fearless Poï’z. He says what he thinks, loves risky situations and has no limits. Hang on! He moves so fast that he’ll have your head spinning !

There is not a single challenge that Zépapeur would refuse to face. Extreme sports are what he likes best, so watch out Bad Poï'z! Zepapeur is about to give you a run for your money!



Scaredy cats, Bad Poï’z, people who are stronger than him


Cowards, Bad Poïz, those who are stronger

Poiz Zépapeur - Expert level



When all the little Poï’z have gone to bed, the night is still young for Zenight! She is a party animal and knows Limousin’s night spots like the back of her hand! She sometimes forgets that it’s difficult for geocachers to find their way around in the dark.



Music, dancing and cocktails !


Daylight and Zabeth’s hairdo, « it’s sooo 1760s !”

Poiz Zenight - Night

New technologies


Dear internet users, you won’t necessarily understand Zaïtek. He is the result of a bug and a 404 error. His friends Ctrl, Alt and Del are never very far away. He is a sweet and discreet creature who only reveals himself if you decrypt his matrix.

One thing’s for sure, you’re better off luring him with a smartphone than with a simple GPS: he is equipped with an android coded operating system.

He is rather shy and never comes out in full daylight. He prefers staying plugged in, so you’ll never find him anywhere outside a tourist office.



Things that are binary, his mates Norton and Avast, Geeks, wading in torrents.


Viruses, bad reception, low batteries, Zart & Zeïdon’s hobbies.

Poiz Zaïtek - New technologies

Maritime heritage


Zisséo, is Terra Aventura’s ocean poï’z. He knows the seven sea’z like the back of his hand !



Seafood and hearing waves crashing onto the shore.


Dry land and sailing on Friday the 13th.

Poiz Zisséo - Patrimoine maritime



High up in the peaceful mountains, Zirrinzi is a « posey » sheperd.

He can't wait to meet you ! He's always eager to see new faces and despite his gruff appearance, Zirrinzi loves company !

No matter what time you show up to his sheper's hut, he always has plenty of goat's cheese and Izarra liqueur to share with guests !

Good luck !



Long walks in the pasture and leading his herds to the mountain top.


People who are allergic to wool and having to count sheep to get some zzzzzzs !


Panoramas, Nature


Zarthus is an adventurer who loves the great outdoors, wilderness and Limousin’s hills and valleys. With his trusty hat and glasses, Zarthus braves each new challenge with flair and energy. Following his footsteps is pretty tough, but the reward is definitley worth it…



Being offered flowers, all the other Poï’z, belvederes, mountains, being outdoors


Cities, cars, when people make fun of his glasses, pollution

Poiz Zarthus - Panoramas, Nature



Though she may be a cave Poï’z, Zilex definitely rocks ! She’s at the top of the food chain with his wooly rhinoceros poncho and her degree in Prehistory! She knows everything there is to know about the laws of evolution and natural selection.



The upcoming summer collection by “Yves Saint Lourang-Outang”, bedrock and roll.


Being called a chimp.

Poiz Zilex - Prehistory



A rare and quiet Poï’z who knows everything there is to know about the Limousin WWII Resistance. He is difficult to find and only expert geocachers have ever laid eyes on him. Good luck!



Old war medals, playing hide-and-seek and hats


Being exposed, bright colours and blue and white connector blocks when he has red and green wires

Poiz Zonelib - Resistance

Road trip


The Limousin Road Trip Poï’z ! He loves old cars and never misses an occasion to go out on a ride on Limousin’s winding roads. «On The Road Again» for breathtaking landscapes!



Speed, mechanics, adventures, adrenaline.


Bumps in the road, traffic jams, mosquitoes and flies.

Poiz Ziraïder - Road trip

Santiago de Compostela


Zacquet is an ancestral Poï’z who is always on his feet ! He knows Limousin like the back of his hand and is always on the lookout for surprises, new experiences and people to meet!

He is a devoted Santiago de Compostela fan. He is humble and discrete and he enjoys taking visitors to discover one of the world’s most famous pilgrimage routes…



His fellow man, travelling, and getting discounts from his local shoemaker.


Blisters, hail and people who park their cars on zebra crossings !

Poiz Zacquet - Santiago de Compostela



Zouti, AKA the “know-how king” knows everything there is to know about hammers, scissors, porcelain kilns, weaving looms and windmills! He is the handiest Poï’z . There isn’t a tool he is not familiar with !

He is said to have helped the very first weavers to make their looms and to have shown stone cutters how to perfect their art.
When he has a little spare time, he invents things (and is much better at it than any of the other Poï’z!) : the walking-stick with a spring, the« Guillotine » door that doesn’t pinch your fingers (but that is a pain in the neck!), the anti-slipping patch for banana peels, etc.



Learning and discovering new savoir-faire, tools, innovating


Week-ends (and any days off work), tools that are not put away in tool boxes, when hardware stores are closed on Sundays

Poiz Zouti - Know-how



Just like his other Poï’z friends, Zécolo has a cache of his own.

Since respecting and preserving the environment are essential Terra Aventura values, the Wisemen Council offers a "Zecolo" Poïz to eco-friendly geocachers. All you have to do is pick up any litter you find during your quest and put it in a bin. Be sure to take a photo! Go to the nearest participating Tourist Office and show them your photo. You will be awarded a "Zecolo" badge! You can also find Zécolo in his cache, and take him home !



The Millevaches Plateau, selective sorting, solar panels and organic herbal tea.


Holes in the o’Zone layer, noise and exhaust pipes.

Poiz Zécolo - Ecolo



Ready, set, go ! Zabdo is an athletic Poï’z who is always on the run. He has run all the way around Limousin 747 times! He is nimble and quick, a true marathon man, who almost never gets tired! He eats his daily portion of 5 fruit and vegetables and plenty of dairy products, to keep fit!

He is the Poï’z’s personal trainer although he has given up on several of them! (Zouti, Zabeth and Zéfaim)



Trolling through the aisles of Decathlon (sports item shop), going to see local basketball (CSP) and rugby (CAB)games, beating his own records and giving it his best shot


Having his foot in a cast, being defeated – even if participating is more important than winning, summer breaks, lazy people

Poiz Zabdo - Sports

Street Art


Some believe he's actually Zart', with a graffiti artist mask on. Other say he's Zart's cousin from Charente... Family member or super hero… What do YOU think ?! Zegraff is Terra Aventura's fabulous Street Artist.When the sun goes down he puts on his mask and grabs a can of spray paint to give new life to the town's old walls. Zegraff is a Banksy fan, an accomplished artist and activist!



The painted wall neighbourhood in Angoulême where he grew up, his stencils, old run-down buildings...


Rain and spotless walls!

Poiz Zegraff - Street Art



This tree Poï’z is rather discrete but don’t judge a tree by its bark: she knows what she wants and she is barrels of fun.



Water and sun, bee’z, animal’z, chestnut cake.


Saws, termites, weed killer, fire.

Poiz Zouch' - Forestry

Wine and spirits


Zalambic is a wine, and spirit’z expert ! He knows New Aquitaine’s vineyards by heart!



Distilling Cognac brandy (Twice ! “The traditional way”…) grape-harvesting season, the angels’ share…


Pesky phylloxera lice

Poiz Zalambic - Vins & spiritueux

Bad Poi'z (Zekid)


Leader of the Bad Poï’z gang, this escape artist hates being told he looks like "a nice guy".
His one goal in life: to invade all the caches and to rule over Tèrra Aventura !


Haughty, scheming, seductive, and diabolical… There aren’t enough words to describe this extremely persuasive Bad Poï’z. Don’t let his sly smile win you over : you’d get caught up in one of his disastrous conspiracies!


ZeKid can be found lurking in the shadows (often your own !) just waiting for you to lead him to our Poï’z friends’ hiding places. Then he observes them from afar for quite a long time before slipping into their everyday life and taking control over their habitat.

His weak spot

He is perfectly incapable of solving a riddle on his own, which is why he relies on unsuspecting geocachers to lead him to the caches. However, once he has found a cache it doesn’t take him very long to take it over.

Zekid - Bad Poi'z

Bad Poi'z (Zarbi)


Some say he is the gang’s brain despite his many chaotic experiments gone wrong, which have altered his ability to memorize anything
This Bad Poï’’z is as unpredictable as he is ugly, and he will do everything he can to keep you from reaching your destination!


Mentally deranged, crazy but a great mathematician, nonetheless … Zarbi can be a pesky rascal, at least when he hasn’t forgotten that he is one of the « bad guys ».


Geocachers dread his math problems and riddles : he is pitiless if you fail to find the correct answer ! But never fear, this will only slow you down a bit on your Tèrra aventura quest !

His weak spot

He has absolutely no memory and can’t even remember how he got involved in Zekid’s evil scheme in the first place !

Zarbi - Bad Poi'z

Bad Poi'z (Zescro)


Despite having the IQ of a goldfish, bright ideas occasionally pop into his mind.
He loves to dare people to do silly and useless things. Beware, his foolishness may make you lose the plot!


A liar and a cheater, blackmailer and a swindler… Zescro, has often been a problem for Terra Aventura’a Wisemen Council


He tries to distract you by daring you to do ridiculous or stupid things.

His weak spot

His attempts to confuse you are extremely obvious, so he should not be much of a problem !

Zescro - Bad Poi'z



This mysterious mastermind poï’z has yet to be spotted, except by the Bad Poïz, of course ! Watch out for Z, and for the Bad Poï’z » while you visit New Aquitaine. You never know what evil business they are up to !Ruining plans and giving geocachers a hard time.



Ruining plans and giving geocachers a hard time.


Success badges, happy poï’z and clever terr’adventurers.

Z - Bad Poi'z