Tulle’s Trek to the “Trech”

Zabeth - History and monuments

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Tulle’s Trek to the “Trech”
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Departure spot : Tulle Tourism Office carpark (N 45° 15.991' / E 001° 46.234')

Hey ! Nice to see you, geocachers ! Why am I all dressed up ? I’m going to Tulle’s famous theatre tonight ! It is called " Le théatre de sept collines " which means "The seven hill theatre”. Follow me, I’ll show you where it is! 

The theatre (N 45° 16.006' / E 001° 46.263')

It’s stunning… The Seven Hill theatre was built in the 19th century. It’s the world’s first theatre to have been made with reinforced concrete. Couldn’t be more solid ! Its front wall is simply remarkable ! Look at the stained-glass windows and ceramic decor ! I’ve never seen anything like it before ! 

What pattern can you see on the building’s stained glass windows ?
1) Stars 
2) Flowers 
3) Swords 
Write the correct answer’s number down. 

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of A : A =_____

Acting! My dream… Imagine the glory, the fame…

Um… Zart, Wasn’t Zabeth with you when you entered the theatre? 

Was she ? I don’t think so. . There’s no one in there now. 

I’m sure I saw her though ! Oh dear! Let’s go friends, we have to find her! I hope she’s ok! 

The cathedral and cloister (N 45° 16.070' / E 001° 46.249')

For an artist such as myself, Tulle is so inspiring ! Its picturesque streets, its stairways, its old buidings... It’s also France’s accordion capital ! Have you ever heard of the famous accordion festival that takes place here every year ? It is called " Nuits de Nacre "... 

That’s nice Zart’, but it’s not helping us to find Zabeth ! Hmmm… Let’s see, she loves history and monuments, right ? I know ! Let’s go look by the cloister ! N45°16.069' / E001°46.255'

A cloister is an enclosed garden, usually surrounded by covered walkways. Do step inside if the gates are open ! 

When you’re standing at the foot of Saint Martin’s cathedral, you can get a good idea of how high the building truly is! Its rooftop arrow is Limousin’s highest! 75 metres, that is! It has been a classified Historical Monument since 1862. Zabeth told me that ! 

Greeting friends ! Have you seen the abbey’s cloister yet ? It was built in the 13th and 14th centuries. Its architecture is quite remarkable, as is its capitulary room, with its wall paintings and bas-relief sculptures! Do you know what bas relief is? It is a kind of sculpture in which shapes are carved so that they are only slightly higher than the flat background. 

The cloister is located along the river Corrèze. There were two great floods when the river overflowed. Thankfully, the beautiful cloister was not damaged by the water ! 

What year did the last flood occur in? Write the third digit down.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of B : B =_____
have a look at the plate on the outside wall of the cloister ! The digit is an even number, and a multiple of 3 !

Place Gambetta square (N 45° 16.089' / E 001° 46.264')

Zéroïk, please help us !. We lost Zabeth by the theatre... 

Oh dear ! Let’s go ! 

But wait ! Before we go, have a look at this lovely house! It was built in the late 15th century. and is entirely sculpted! There are 2 angle towers on the front wall, and the door and windows are quite remarkable. The house shows the evolution of the Renaissance style. 

How many standing characters can you see holding the columns up ? 

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of C : C =_____

Take the "eighty " steps, (as the people of Tulle call them), to the left of the house. 

There aren’t actually 80 steps! Count each and every one of them. Once you have finished counting, write the first digit down.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of D : D =_____

Once you have climbed the stairs, go to the next set of stairs, to your left, then to the next spot.

The “Giant Captain” (N 45° 16.137' / E 001° 46.243')

Hi everyone ! What are you up to ? 

We’re looking for Zabeth. Have you seen her recently ? 

No, but you should go and ask the” Clampes” (meaning gossipmongers in the local “Patois” language). They are hanging out by the fountain, and they know everything that is going on in Tulle ! By the way, did you know that there used to be a printing house behind this large, remarkable door? It was called “The Giant Captain”. During World War II, the enemy printed tracts out here, on the day of the terrible raid that took place in Tulle… 

How many Greek columns are there supporting the entrance ? 

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of E : E =_____

At the foot of the stairway, head left, towards the next spot. 

Old Tulle (N 45° 16.124' / E 001° 46.217')

Take your time and make the most of your stroll through Tulle… So many nooks and crannies just waiting to be seen ! 

Look through the gate on your left, at the building with the street number “4”. What kind of tool is the character holding? 
1) A saw 
2) A file 
3) A hammer 
Write the correct answer’s number down. 

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of F : F =_____

Head down the street to have a look at Professor Audiau’s house.

The front wall on this house dates back to the 16th century. The wall on the other side, on Charles de Gaulle avenue, was built in the 19th century. Such beautiful neo-classic details !

How many vowels are there in the professor’s first name ?

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of G : G =_____
It’s a hyphenated first name

Head back a few steps then take the narrow street called “rue Riche” to reach the next spot  N45°16.1044' / E001°46.214'.

Newsmongers (N 45° 16.152' / E 001° 46.167')

We’ve found the « Clampes » Zonelib’ was telling us about ! 

Hi mates ! Nice to see you… 

I’m told that François Bonnelye, the famous poet and historian, was born in the house opposite the fountain. 

That’s true Zart’! The « Clampes » tell me that Zabeth is waiting for you just ahead. Head towards Professor Audiau’s house, and I’m sure you’ll find her ! 

What year was François Bonnelye born in ? Add the 4 digits in this year together to get a two-digit number.

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of H : H =_____

Last stage of your trek through Tulle’s “Trech” quarters! When you are standing at N45°16.087' / E001°46.201' have another look at Professor Audiau’s house. 

Remember how we told you the front wall dated back to the 16th century ? Find the year that this wall was built in (19th century), then add the 4 digits together to get a 2 digit number. 

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of I : I =_____
the two years the house was built in are engraved.

Le long de la Corrèze (N 45°16.160 / E 001°46.386)

Find the year engraved on the bust. Add the 4 digits together to get a new number. Write this digit down.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of J : J =_____

Next step, the cache ! To get there, head towards N45°16.216' / E001°46.454'. Up and away! 

The cache !

Hi guys ! What’s up ? Why the gloomy faces ? 

Where were you Zabeth ?! We were worried !

Don’t be silly ! I know Tulle like the back of my hand! I was sightseeing and I knew our friends the “Clampes” would tell you where I was! 

« Attention geocaching friends ! No need to lift rocks, pick walls apart, or uproot plants... the cache is most likely there, right before your eyes! Remember that your quest must remain environmentally friendly ! Thank-you ! »

If your answers are all correct, the cache’s GPS coordinates will be green on the app.
Click on "locate the cache" then let the app guide you!

Cache coordinates: N45°(H+F).(I-C)(D-J)' / E001°46.(B/2)(AxG)(E)'
 The mystery word is written in the log book, inside the container

Well done, you have found the cache!
See you soon for more adventures!

Contact :

Office de Tourisme de Tulle en Corrèze
Place Jean Tavé
19000 TULLE
05 55 26 59 61

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