The Prince’s cache: from streets to pathways !

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De ruelles en chemins, la cache du prince !
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Departure spot : Saint Jean church (N 45° 57,223’ / E 001° 45,365’)

Geocaching friends: welcome to Bourganeuf ! You are standing at the heart of medieval Bourganeuf, founded by knights hospitallers during the 12th century. These soldier-monks greeted the needy in their castle, but also regularly went to war on the Mediterranean basin… 

Bravery and devotion ! Now you’re talking ! Speaking of knights in shining armor, will you dare enter this impressive building and solve Zabeth’s riddle? 

This Byzatine-style church was elegantly renovated. Come in and go to the church’s choir. Walk by the altar and count the small wooden chairs on either side. These chairs are called “stalls” and were used to seat clergymen while they prayed.

How many small chairs are there in the two alleys ?

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of A : A =_____

The tower ... (N 45° 57,231’ / E 001° 45,393’)

The paved courtyard where you are standing offers a lovely view of the entire medieval town of Bourganeuf. The town’s many architectural styles date back to different time periods. Its most renowned example is this impressive 15th century round tower. It is a Classified Historical Monument and was once a prison to an Ottoman prince who gave the tower its name… 

What are the names of the three towers before you ? In the following list, one of the names does not belong. Can you guess which one it is?
1. La Tour Zizim 
2. La Tour de l’Escalier
3. La Tour du Prince
4. La Tour Lasti

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of B : B =_____

Head up rue du Puy and turn left in the chemin des Prairies pathway. Continue to the next riddle. 

The stairs in rue Jean Jaurès (N 45° 57,295’ / E 001° 45,648’)

This peaceful street is perpedicular to rue du Puy where many shops are located. In the beginning, (and nowadays too !) Bourganeuf was built in the shape of a cross. On your left is a small stairway… 

Small, yet sturdy ! Once you’ve gone down it, you’ll have to climb back up to reach rue du Puy, and answer the next riddle …

How many stairs are there ?

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of C : C =_____
it’s an even number !

Head back to rue du Puy. Head left, then right on rue du Champ de Mars. Keep going straight ahead

Gorges du Verger pathway (N 45° 57,043’ / E 001° 45,502’)

The people of Bourganeuf are particularly fond of this pathway. It leads to the Verger gorges, past pretty waterfalls and Emile de Girardin’s castle. You’ll also get a lovely view of the medieval city from here… 

Um, Zarthus ? You’re babbling away! Let’s get back to the history of Bourganeuf. In this area, there are many stylish bourgeois residences which are a tribute to Bourganeuf’s wealthy past. You can see an example of these houses left of the “accueil de Loisirs” recreation centre (brick house – n°6).

Have a look at its highest roof. Count the number of finials (roof ornaments) called « épis de faitage » in French.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of D : D =_____

Head back to rue du Champ de Mars, and turn left at the farming equipment shop. Just before you reach the shop, head along the small pathway before you.

Shortcuts ! (N 45° 57,166’ / E 001° 45,448’)

You are on what seems to be a secret pathway between rue du Champ de Mars and René Viviani avenue. It is actually one of the town’s many shortcuts. Keep heading straight. Before you reach the end of the alleyway, notice the white iron gate with flowers on it. 

How many flowers are there on the upper part of the gate ?

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of E : E =_____

The school area (N 45° 57,292’ / E 001° 45,137’)

You’ve reached rue René Viviani. Viviani was Creuse’s deputy and Council president during WWI. Head right, then left on rue Zizim. Head along rue Zizim until you reach rue des Écoles. Take the pathway in the middle of rue des Ecoles, on your right.

Admire the panorama of the town’s towers and surrounding hills along your way.

The towers are located to the : 

1. East 
2. South 
3. North 
4. West 
Write the answer’s number down. 

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of F : F =_____
Help from Zaitek : In the main menu of your GPS, click on « Compass », hold your GPS parallel to the ground and look to see where the the towers are located. Free compass apps are available for smartphone owners.

Head past Marie Curie school to your left. Then turn left along Delphine Gay highschool.

Place tournois (N 45° 57,210’ / E 001° 45,036’)

Tournois ? That’s French for tournament ! Is there going to be a tournament ?! Horse races maybe?! 

No Zahan. Nothing horsey about this area. The square gets its name from Madame Tournois, who left part of her fortune to Bourganeuf, in order for a clinic to be built. In fact, a very modern clinic was built, in 1936. Go to the secondary school’s front gate : you’ll find a commemorative plate on the left wall. It is a tribute to Yvan Germain, who was a teacher and Resistant during WWII.

How old was this brave man when he passed away ? Add the numbers in his age together to get a new number.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of G : G =_____

Head back down rue des Écoles opposite where you are now, then head up the street to the medieval town. 

The cache !

They say all roads lead to Rome, but in Bourganeuf, all roads lead to the medieval quarters ! You weren’t really going to leave without giving this lovely town a last look, right ? Now that you know this place like the back of your hand, finding the cache will be as easy as pie!

« Attention geocaching friends ! No need to lift rocks, pick walls apart, or uproot plants... the cache is most likely there, right before your eyes! Remember that your quest must remain environmentally friendly ! Thank-you ! »

If your answers are all correct, the cache’s GPS coordinates will be green on the app.
Click on "locate the cache" then let the app guide you!

Cache coordinates: N45°(C-3),(A/6)(G/3)(B-1)' / E001°45,(E/3)(F-1)(Dx4)'
 The mystery word is written in the log book, inside the container

Well done, you have found the cache!
See you soon for more adventures!

Contact :

Office de Tourisme Bourganeuf / Royère
Place du champ de foire
05 55 64 12 20

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Belle balade dans Bourganeuf ville médiévale, dommage pour pour les aller et retour sans cesse...

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Joli petit centre médiéval. Dommage qu'il y ait effectivement tant d'allers et retours. ATTENTION vérifier les horaires d'ouverture de l'église. Mplc

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