Organ pipes in Bort !

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D'un Bort à l'autre, au sommet des orgues !
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Cette cache débloque une cache bonus ! Pensez à relever le message codé qui se trouve sous son bouchon. Celui-ci correspond au télégramme n°3. Pour le déchiffrer, consultez les télégrammes Bad Poï'z.

Hi geocachers ! I have a special mission for you... Are you ready to brave haunted forests, rocking stones and steep hills to reach me at the top of Bort’s organ pipe rock formations?

Departure spot (N 45° 23.799’ / E 002° 28.839’)

Take the path at N45°23.801' / E002°28.830' then walk along the field, into the forest.

You’re on the right track! Don’t get lost in the forest or the singing spirits will put a spell on you and you’ll fall to the bottom of the abyss! I can’t wait to show you the pipes! They are rock formations made of a type of volcanic rock called “phonolite”! 

The forest (N 45°24.115' / E 002°28.935')

Hi everyone ! Zépapeur told me you were on your way... I’ll guide you to the forest and to the organ pipe rocks!

Hey ! It's lovely from up at the top of the pipes... But wait a minute... You're not going to walk through the forest are you ? [Gulp] No one ever dares to cross the forest! They're too afraid of the singing spirits... »

They say that travellers riding on trains from Paris to the south of France often heard the organ pipes singing down in the valley of Bort.

Ridiculous ! The organ pipes are formed by a rock called phonolite. The name phonolite comes from the Greek meaning "sounding stone" because of the metallic sound it produces if an unfractured plate is hit; hence the English name clinkstone. Nothing to do with singing spirits ! 

Well then Zarthus, if there are no such things as singing spirits, I’m sure you’d love to join us on our quest ! 

Gulp... Um... A...Absolutely !

How many openings can you see on the upper part of the wall, on the old abandonned house?

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of A : A =_____

When you reach the abandoned house, turn right to get to the next spot.

The rocky organ pipes (N 45° 24.035’ / E 002° 29.185’)

Hi ! Zépapeur told me you’d be coming to see me and asked me to give you this clue! 

What type of volcanic rock are the organ pipes made of ? Count the number of letters in this word.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of B : B =_____

The singing spirits aren’t the worst part of this quest! I heard that the Bad Poï’z have been known to push huge boulders over the cliff, blocking the entrance to the organ pipes...

...And squishing a few Poï’z on their way down ! 

You’re right Zenight. Let’s keep an eye out... Thanks for your help, Zouch’,see you around !

Go to N45°24.007' / E002°29.240' then off to your right

The judgement stone (N 45° 23.673’ / E 002° 29.116’)

La la laaaaa ! Follow my voice friends, over this way... 

Look friends! Zouch was right ! 

Oh my ! This must be a vestige of the old volcano eruption... 

A volcano ? Here ?

That’s right Zellé, the Auvergne volcano region is nearby, you know ! Millions of years ago, the “Puy de Bort” volcano erupted... Its lava slithered down its sides and formed the famous organ pipes! Huge boulders broke away because of the shockwave! 


That’s right you little munchkin, you should be scared ! I’m Zekid, and I am going to have to ask you and your little friends to turn around and get lost !

We’re not afraid of you Zekid !

Afraid of me? Of course not! But you should be afraid of Mandhal. That is the name of my chaotic stone formation! That big one over there. If you answer my riddle, it won’t budge. If you don’t find the answer… well… you don’t want to know what happens then!

I am a synonym of “stone” and am also a type of music. What am I? Count the letters in this word. Write the answer down.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of C : C =_____

Still alive ?

Oh dear, oh dear... 

Relax Zarthus, we made it ! 

Yay ! Pipe organs, here we come !

Stay on the path. When you reach N45°23.384’ / E002°28.980’ turn right. When you reach the road at N45°23.290’ / E002°28.772’ turn right. Take the stairs at N45°23.272’ / E002°28.723’

Hi there ! I see you’re getting some exercise too… Follow me! 

How many stairs are there ?

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of D : D =_____

At the foot of the organ pipes (N 45° 23.270’ / E 002° 28.653’)

Here we are ! Climbers love it here...

The volcanic pipes are called organ pipes because of their shape. Zilex told me that caves and troglodyte dwellings were found inside them!

There are two kilometres of organ pipes, and they can be up to 80 metres high!

Now it’s time to get to the top! 350 metres above the town of Bort! 

Zabdo, it’s all up to you now! Good luck and be careful! 

What is the name if the hamlet where you are now ? How many letters are there in this name (the word “la” doesn’t count)?

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of E : E =_____
starts with a “C”!

At N45°23.524’ / E002°28.533’, take the small path upwards to your left, which heads to the car park.  Watch your step along the cliff and keep an eye out for your children! Keep going straight ahead.

Panorama (N 45° 23.688’ / E 002° 28.710’)

We made it friends ! Isn’t it gorgeous? 

Wow ! When the weather is nice, you can see the Sancy massif, the Artense and even the Cantal hills!

When the eruption occured, the spot that later became the city was located above the valley. The lava poured down and built up against the hill. As it cooled down, the stone retracted and formed these pillars we call “organ pipes”. 

There was a hill before Bort was built ? What happened?

The river Dordogne flowed at the foot of the volcano, to the west of the valley that exists today. The river was obstructed by lava so it found a different riverbed on a softer terrain. Erosion did the rest, making the landscape the way it is now! 

Turn left. When you get to the road, turn right towards "Les Orgues / Belvédère". 

The Riviera ! (N 45° 23.749’ / E 002° 29.000’)

You did it friends ! I’m so proud of you!

How many kilometres are there between here and the city of Nice ? Add the three digits in this number together to get a new two digit number. Then, add this new number to the kilometres between here and the “Puy de Sancy” !

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of F : F =_____
The orientation tables will help you, make sure you have a look at several of them!

La cache !

Après toutes ces épreuves, vous avez bien mérité une récompense. Je vais repartir avec chacun de vous, mais pour cela il faut trouver ma cache !

« Attention geocaching friends ! No need to lift rocks, pick walls apart, or uproot plants... the cache is most likely there, right before your eyes! Remember that your quest must remain environmentally friendly ! Thank-you ! »

If your answers are all correct, the cache’s GPS coordinates will be green on the app.
Click on "locate the cache" then let the app guide you!

Cache coordinates: N45°23.(Cx2)(F/E)(D/2)' / E002°2(B-A).(D-3)(D-C)8'
 The mystery word is written in the log book, inside the container

Well done, you have found the cache!
See you soon for more adventures!

Contact :

Haute-Corrèze (Bort-les-Orgues)
Place Marmontel
05 19 60 00 30

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parcours sympa mais sportif

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sportif magnifique

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Très belle rando!!! avec un magnifique panorama. mplc

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Hannahsaahaa has found the cache

great walk, lots of fun!!

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Balade sportive aux Orgues ! Ça va, Zé pas eu trop peur ! 😄 Points de vue exceptionnels !

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Panorama à couper le souffle !!! Zepapeur mais un petit peu quand même !!!