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L’Isle-Jourdain/ Le Vigeant
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L’Isle-Jourdain/ Le Vigeant
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Departure spot : rue de Chardes car park (N46° 14.201' / E000° 40.919')

The train viaduct ? It’s been sabotaged ! Its 9th arch exploded into pieces ! The Bad Poï’z ? Oh, I’m sure you’re right ! If we don’t do something, L’Isle-Jourdain’s famous « foires grasses » fairs will have to be canceled !

Go down rue de Chardes and beneath the bridge. Be careful as you cross to get to the stairway at N 46°14.144' / E 000°40.919'. Next, turn left towards the viaduct.

The viaduct (N46° 14.042' / E000° 40.724')

The viaduct was built in the late 19th century. It was designed by a bridge specialist : an engineer by the name of Paul Séjourné. In the following years, 3 major édifices were built : the La Roche and Jousseau hydroelectric plants upstream, along the river Vienne, and the Chardes plant, downstream. The construction site of La Roche began in 1918. It was based on a project by the famous architect, Le Corbusier. Several foreign workers, namely Russian military workers participated in their construction.

Well, they certainly modfied the landscape ! A dam was set up and artificial lakes built, which had an impact on the river flow. Many mills and islands disappeared as a result.

Zarthus, just the Poï’z I was hoping to see ! I need some help to repair the 9th arch. We’ll start by rebuilding the pillars… !

Um, no thanks Zouti...

Have a look at the bridge’s parapet to find the construction date of the viaduct. What is the last digit in this number ? Write this digit down.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of A : A =_____

OK then Zarthus, but can you at least help me find someone to assist me?

At the end of the viaduct, head down the stairs to your left at N 46°13.998' / E 000°40.618' and go straight ahead, along the road. Be careful as you cross and at the fork in the road, take the alley on your left. Turn into rue Alexandre Bessaguet at N 46°13.843' / E 000°40.609'.

Bourpeuil district (N46° 13.849' / E000° 40.662')

The lavish 18th century houses confirm that talented builders lived here.

Look at the lovely porch ! There is a « pedestrian door », with a coat of arms at its top, and a “coach door” beside it.

What number is there on the porch with the coach and pedestrian doors. Write this number down.

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of B : B =_____

Hello Zouti ! What are you doing here, on the lands that belong to the lord of Vigeant ? Someone to help you to rebuild an arch? Sounds like a job for Zeroïk!

No offense, Zéroïk... but I was hoping to find someone who already knows the tricks of the trade…

So be it ! I will escort you to l’Isle-Fort. I know a sturdy miller who lives there and who can help you.

Keep going down the road to get to the bridge.

The arch (N46° 13.835' / E000° 40.859')

Lord Jourdain de l’Isle probably lived at l’Isle Fort. In the Middle Ages, you had to pay to get across the bridge. This tax was split up amongst the lords of l’Isle and of Vigeant, who lived on either side.

In the early 19th century, they built a mill on l’Isle-Fort. Later on, it was to become a flour mill. Unfortunately, the last miller to have set foot here moved away many years ago.

Oh, I know of a man who can help you… At the dawn of Christianism, Saint Sylvain was mortally wounded in Limousin and thrown into the river Vienne. His body was carried by the river and washed up onto the shore right over here. They say Saint Sylvain could heal children from nervousness. In fact, he even helped our Poï’z friend, Zépapeur!

Of course ! Thank-you Zellé. Any idea where I can find him ?

What is the surname of Saint Sylvain’s sculptor ? Count the letters in this word. Write this number down.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of C : C =_____

Take your first right upon exiting the bridge. At N 46°13.824' / E 000°40.872', go up the stairs on your left. Once you get to the top, turn right to get to the following step.

Saint-Gervais-et-Saint-Protais church (N46° 13.814' / E000° 40.881')

What a lovely view of the Vienne valley ! You can see la Roche dam on the left and the railway viaduct on the right. Oh look ! Zéroïk is waving to us from down below.

If we wanted to get any closer to the sky, we’d have to climb up to the top of the church’s crenellated bell tower! Did you know that the tower of Calais, which belonged to the Count of la Marche, used to stand here, on the lands which belonged to the lord of L’Isle-Jourdain ? Two co-existing lords… pretty incredible, wouldn’t you say?

There he is ! Zépapeur ! He’s bungee-jumping off the viaduct, right in the spot where the 9th arch was destroyed !

From this spot, how many angle towers are there surrounding l’Isle-Fort, where the old castle used to be ? Write this number down.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of D : D =_____

Take rue du Château du Bail once again. Watch out for traffic, the sidewalks are narrow here. Turn right into Grand’Rue du Pont and head up to chemin des Galopins at N 46°13.878' / E 000°40.976'. At the end of the pathway, cross carefully over to the path on the other side.

The old mill (N46° 13.946' / E000° 40.824')

There used to be several mills and leather tanneries along the river Vienne. The current would activate the wheels and the devices used to beat the wool and sheets.

Find the name of the mill. The word you are looking for begins with an R. Write this number down.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of E : E =_____
if the water level is too high, E = C+D.

High wire (N46° 14.036' / E000° 40.798')

Yeehaaaaaaaa ! [Boing] Hi friend’z ! Have you ever tried bungee jumping ? [Boing] It’s great fun !

Oh maybe later, Zépapeur. I have something else in mind… would you help us to repair the viaduct’s 9th arch?

Sure mate !

How many arches does the viaduct have ? Write this number down.

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of F : F =_____

At N 46°14.070' / E 000°40.792', take the stairs on your right. At the top, turn left onto the path that leads to the station ("gare").

The station (N46° 14.262' / E000° 40.999')

The work is coming along nicely…

Wonderful ! When the viaduct has been repaired, our fairs can take place! The « foires grasses » first took place in the 16th century and attracted several hundreds of visitors from December to May. In the 19th century, thanks to the railway, over 1.500 cattle were sold each month on the 19th, then taken to town.

Have a look at the fresco. How many birds are there, flying away as the train departs? Write this number down.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of G : G =_____

The cache !

Be careful, the area is usually quite lively. Make sure no one sees you looking for the cache!

Oh, I’m so glad the arch is repaired. And I hear a train coming. Get ready to stack Zéchopp’s goods onto the wagons…

« Attention geocaching friends ! No need to lift rocks, pick walls apart, or uproot plants... the cache is most likely there, right before your eyes! Remember that your quest must remain environmentally friendly ! Thank-you ! »

If your answers are all correct, the cache’s GPS coordinates will be green on the app. Click on “locate the cache” then let the app guide you!

Cache coordinates: N46°(F+2).(Dx2)(E+1)8’ / E000°(Bx2).(Gx3)(A+2)(C)’
 The mystery word is written in the log book, inside the container

Well done, you have found the cache!
See you soon for more adventures!

Contact :

Office de Tourisme de Sud Vienne Poitou – Bureau de L’Isle-Jourdain
1 place d'armes
86150 L’Isle-Jourdain
05 49 91 11 96

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