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Massif des Monédières / Plateau de Millevaches
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Time to disconnect! Download the cache data with your Wi-Fi before you leave!

This is an all-day cache. Tèrra Aventura recommends taking your time and making the most of this one-of-a-kind experience! Each step is adapted for taking breaks with children.

This is a road and forest trail cache. Motorcycle riders : please be cautious. Friend’z traveling in a campervan: certain parts of this quest are not suitable for large vehicles.

For the best possible experience, a few safety rules to abide by :
• Charge your smartphone before you leave and bring along a car-charger.
• Respect the road safety rules !
• Do not leave without a full tank of petrol. The only petrol station along this trail is in Bugeat, at the beginning of the quest.
• Bring along drinks and snacks. There are picnic tables, mini-markets and restaurants on the way.
• Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing for a 6km hike (in total).
• Time to disconnect ! Download the cache data with your Wi-Fi before you leave !

Dear road-tripper’z, hello and welcome! Together, we shall ride the winding road’z of the Monédières massif and the Millevaches plateau… Our life-size board game adventure begin’z here, amidst the amazing scenery… The aim of the game? To solve three mysterious riddle’z and get the treasure!

Each step of your « road-book » includes :
1- A car park (mandatory) : at the GPS coordinates of the step. Always park your car and never try to drive along the trails !
2- On the spot, a portion to be done by foot, with one or several riddles. Follow the indications and GPS spots to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.
3- An itinerary to get to the next step (a blue line on the app). Attention, nothing will pop up on your screen ! You can also use a second application to help guide you (a white arrow on an orange background, up in the top right corner of the map).

Happy trail’z to you !

Departure spot: Lestards church (N45° 30.920' / E001° 52.433')

Yeah! Here we are « on the road again »! Without further ado, let’z go and find our two copilots to help us on our life-size boardgame journey!

Head behind the church to N 45°30.902' / E 001°52.474'.

Ladies and Gentlepoï’z, please welcome Zouti & Zéïdon!

Hi friend’z! For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Zéïdon, the water-poï’z!

And I’m Zouti, the handy “DIY” poï’z! Did you know that Lestards is the only church in all of France, and possibly all of Europe, to have a “thatch” roof, made of rye, a grain that grew abundantly in the Limousin countryside? The rye on this roof was replaced by reeds…

You see, the problem with rye is that it became infected by a disease called « ergot ». This fungus intoxicated anyone who ingested rye bread! A religious order called “the Antonins” (named after St Anthony) was dedicated to caring for people with ergotism. The Antonin commandery was located here by the church!

How many commanders’and Saint-Anthony hospitallers’ tombstones are there behind the church?

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of M : M =_____
it’s an even number.

Ready to decipher the first message in the « road-book » ? Now listen up! « Find the work of an enthusiast, engraved for all eternity. Two clues on the door, are hidden. »

Go back to your vehicle. Turn right as you exit the car park. Follow the signs to « Bugeat / Centre sportif départemental » (D32).

On the app, the itinerary is blue. Caution, instructions will not pop up on your screen! You can also use a second application to guide you (white arrow on an orange background, up in the top right corner of the map).

Bugeat Health station: Station climatique de Bugeat (N45° 36.169' / E001° 55.592')

Park on the gravel esplanade, along chemin du Petit Chaleix. Then go to the road sign: N 45°36.156' / E 001°55.534'.

« Find the work of an enthusiast, engraved for all eternity. Two clues on the door are hidden.»

This message probably refers to the « Centre Départemental d’Entraînement Sportif » sports training centre and to Alain Mimoun ! Alain was an « enthusiast » who was convinced that the exceptional quality of the air in Bugeat played an important part in sport’z talents.

What an amazing athlete he was! In 1956, he became the first French marathon runner to win a gold-medal at the Olympics in Melbourne. And Bugeat is where he trained! The sports’ training centre’s first equipment was set up in the 1960s.

Nowadays, the 10-hectare « Espace 1000 Sources » complex spreads out over about 10 hectares. It provides top-level equipment and accommodation to top-level athletes!

Look at the “vintage” road sign ! The altitude it indicates is what gives Bugeat its reputation as a health station!
The air here is excellent! Add the 3 digits together to get a new single-digit number.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of N : N =_____

Go back to your car. Drive to the crossroads N 45°35.980' / E 001°55.481', and take a right turn there. Then follow the signs to « Toy-Viam » (D97).

Toy-Viam church (N45° 38.895' / E001° 55.761')

Park your car on the town hall square : place de la mairie. Please mind not to park in the way of other drivers.

Go to the front of the church N 45°38.883' / E 001°55.758'.

Eureka! Here it is! Toy-Viam church was built in the 11th century, by the abbey of Tulle. It was redesigned over the centuries. It has a typical Limousin-style bell tower wall. In the 19th century, the church’s priest had the door sculpted to represent 6 Bible scenes.

How many ladders are depicted on the church door?

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of L : L =_____

Find the « slithering » animal on the doors. How many times is this animal depicted?

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of E : E =_____
it’s an odd number.

How lucky you are ! The second message was right behind the door ! Here’s what it says : « I belong more to mankind than I do to the gods and I bear the signs of time going by… In a place combining stone and water, two more clues are hidden… »

Head back to the crossroads where you turned towards the church. Turn right in Tarnac to reach D109 road.

The plank-bridge (N45° 38.716' / E002° 01.625')

Park along the side of the road. If there aren’t any spots left, there is another area where you can park, at N 45°38.731' / E 002°01.539'.

Ziraïder, watch out! There’s a Poï’z standing in the middle of the road!

Hi friend’z ! Welcome to the Millevaches Plateau! Did you arrive by car? I hope you’re not carsick, with all the winding roads! Thankfully, beyond the Monédières massif, the bends are less sharp! Here the forests have made way for a landscape of moorland and peat bogs.

Carefully cross the road to get to a path on the other side and to N 45°38.750' / E 002°01.626'.

With all the granite around, people built « plank-bridges » across the area’s many stream’z...

Which remind’z me! Allow me to explain word « Millevaches » to you! If you speak some French, you probably thought this name referred to 1000 Limousin cows! However, in local patois « vacca » means « stream ». So Millevaches is actually a “land of a thousand streams”!

In fact, Millevaches is the riverbed of 4 major French rivers: Corrèze, Creuse, Vienne and Vézère! They also call this place « France’s water tower »...

How many stones is the « deck » (the horizontal part) of the bridge made with? Multiply this number by the number of « pillars” (supporting the deck).

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of O : O =_____
it’s a multiple of 4.

At N 45°38.605' / E 002°01.341', you can explore Chabannes pond if you like. It’s a peat bog in-the-making. In other words : a pond colonized by vegetation.

Continue along D109 road, then follow the signs to « Bugeat » N 45°37.047' / E 001°59.347', turn left towards « Variéras / Coudert ».

Variéras and its stone bridge (N45° 36.460' / E001° 59.178')

Wow, he’s even greener than usual… I knew it wasn’t a good idea to bring Zarthus along with us, Ziraïder! Now pull over! He’s about to be sick!

I can’t just stop smack in the middle of a bend in the road, Zouti!

There are two parking spots by the fountain. Please make sure you park out of the way of traffic and do not park on the path that leads down to the bridge!

« I belong more to mankind than I do to the gods and I bear the signs of time going by… In a place combining stone and water, two more clues are hidden… »

Variéras might just be the answer! In 1963, Maurice Gorsse began repairing the old family oven here... As the years went by, our craftsman gave life to this town of thatched cottages! Nowadays, over 70 cottages are set up on the site.

Take the path downwards N 45°36.449' / E 001°59.176', then continue on to the bridge. Go to N 45°36.294' / E 001°59.205' to answer the question.

This 8th and 9th century bridge crosses the river Ars. The Millevaches plateau used to be an Antique crossroads ! Many travelers and merchants passed through here.

Hmm… No third message hidden by the bridge, then?

How many rectangular passages, allowing water to flow, can you see on the right side of the arch?

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of P : P =_____
only count the ones that let water through ! It’s an even number.

As you leave, continue on the left then cross the hamlet of Coudert. At the stop sign, turn left (D979) then left again towards « Ruines des Cars » (D78).

Les Cars Gallo-Roman ruins (N45° 36.332' / E002° 01.610')

In summer, you can take a free tour of the ruins: July 1st to 31st August from 1 to 7pm all week long, except on Thursdays.

Park your car here, then walk to N 45°36.339' / E 002°01.657'.

Here lie the remnants of two mausoleums in which funerary remains were kept. In the 2nd and 3rd centuries, building techniques enabled the construction of this vast ensemble as well as the villa down below.

Excavations took place in the 20th century, led by Marius Vazeilles, a French politician and archaeologist. Excavated vestiges from Les Cars are on display at his foundation, in Meymac.

Observe the sign :« L’ensemble funéraire des Cars ».
Find the missing word:
“The centre of this monument, a carved stone which was used to keep the ashes before _______________”….
Count the letters in the missing word then subtract 2. 

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of D : D =_____

Go to the Gallo-Roman villa N 45°36.384' / E 002°01.815'.

Owners in Les Cars were so rich that they had their villa decorated with red sandstone from Collonges-la-Rouge and marble from the Pyrenees!

The thermal baths were even equipped with ground heating called “hypocaust”. The water poured out at a selected temperature... A network of pipes, connected to a huge tank, provided water to the fountain and rooms... Hello? Is there someone inside the pipe?

Find the tank carved into one single block of granite, used as a water reservoir. How high is it?

1- 1,75 metres
2- 2,25 metres
3- 2,75 metres

Write down the number of the correct answer.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of C : C =_____
not sure ? Have a look at the sign….

Well done “poï’zy riders”! The third and last message was hidden in the reservoir! Let’s see where it leads us… « Turn, turn my stone… Turn endlessly… In memory of the monks who built you at the foot of the terraces… ».


Go back the way you came and turn right (D78). Turn right at the hamlet called « Le Niarfeix » then follow the signs to « Les Rioux / Les Maisons ». Cross the hamlet called « Les Maisons ».

« Moulin des Maisons » mill (N45° 35.602' / E002° 02.339')

Park along the stone path. Go to moulin des Maisons, at N 45°35.484' / E 002°02.397'.

There are load’z of mill’z in the area! As many as 12 in Saint-Merd-les-Oussines alone! This one had horizontal wheels…

In 1998 its thatch roof was replaced. As there was no clay nor slate in the area, plant stems used to be used to make roofs. They would “comb” the rye wheat or buckwheat stems to remove any damaged part’z…

In what year was moulin des Maisons probably built in (date on the façade)? Add the 4 digits together to get a new 2-digit number. 

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of Q : Q =_____
The date is also written on the sign….

Nothing by the mill? Of course not… The message mentions « monks ». Let’s head on over to Chadebech! Back to your car’z, friend’z!

Leave Maisons hamlet, then turn right on D979 road. Turn left towards « Moulins de Razel », at N 45°34.915' / E 001°59.781'. Continue in that direction.

Moulins de Razel (N45° 34.442' / E001° 59.801')

When do we get there?

Ziraïder... Why Razel ? That’s not on the way to Chadebech!

I made a quick detour, just because it’s so pretty!

Cross the road carefully, to get to « sentier du meunier » at N 45°34.450' / E 001°59.786'.

Hi kid’z! Did you come to do some blueberry-picking? Or to see my sheep? They used to graze here with Limousin cow’z, introduced to the area after World War II... Before then, there were shepherds’ cabin’z all over the place! Just like this one… N 45°34.423' / E 001°59.664'.

The landscape has changed drastically since then, with an abundance of forests of tall resinous tree’z. The primitive beech tree forest was destroyed in the 16th century and was never replanted. Instead, they planted pine tree’z, douglas firs and spruce tree’z, now exploited for their wood.

Go to N 45°34.341' / E 001°59.578'. and explore the “trois moulins” site to answer the question.

How many millstones are there outside the mill ? Look carefully. They can be either upright or lying on the ground.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of R : R =_____
it’s an even number.

Go back to the car park via « sentier du meunier » path. Take the road you took on your way here, until you get to the next crossroads where you’ll need to turn right. Follow the signs to « Bonnefond » then to « Chadebech » at N 45°32.560' / E 001°59.627'.

Along D979E2 road, aka « beech road », lumberjacks have sculpted tree trunks into giant mushroom’z! Oops! Remember to keep your eye on the road!

The hamlet of Chadebech (N45° 31.922' / E001° 59.953')

Take the path that leads to moulin de Chadebech at N 45°31.986' / E 001°59.923'. Go to N 45°32.117' / E 001°59.539' to answer the question.

This is Chadebech mill, built by monks of the Aubazine abbey in the 12th century! Among them, « conver monks » were in charge of working the land for the entire community…

« Conver monks » were quite clever. They would fish in the pond, breed ewes to make cheese, and grind grains in the mill to get flour…

Observe the mill. How many rows does the thatch form, on one part of the roof?

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of A : A =_____
it’s an even number, under 20.

Go back along the path to N 45°31.881' / E 001°59.980' to find the balance well.

Observe the vertical wooden pillar supporting the tilted beam.
What letter of the alphabet does this shape remind you of? If A=1, B=2, C=3, etc, what is the letter you found worth?

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of T : T =_____

Bravo! You are now ready for the final step of your road-trip game!

To discover the last step of your road-trip, take the 6 letters from Zouti and Zéïdon’s riddles, along the way... Classify them according to the answers you found, from the smallest to the largest numbers. What do you get? The answer is a town’s name.

Write the answer's number down. It is the equivalent of Z : Z =_____

For this part of the itinerary up until step 11, follow the blue line on the app. Once you have reached the village of Bonnefond, turn left towards « Pradines » and follow D128 road.

Follow the forest path on your left at N 45°31.802' / E 001°57.416'. For your safety, do not use another path to enter the forest!

The abandoned village (N45° 30.250' / E001° 57.584')

Parking on the car park is compulsory.

Easy, rider’z! You almost hit the forest animal sculpted by Michel Kirsch! What type of animal is it? Count the letters in this word that begins with a B, then add 4.

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of S : S =_____

Take some time to stroll through the village, amidst the ruin’z. The tree’z are several hundreds of year’z old! The village was built in the 12th century around Saint-Magdeleine chapel and was a stopover spot for travelers and pilgrim’z between the Millevaches plateau and the Tulle area.

The village was slowly abandoned but was reborn thanks to an association called « Renaissance des Vieilles Pierres entre Millevaches et Monédières »! Located amidst a thick forest of resinous tree’z, this was a hiding place for soldiers of the Resistance during World War II!

And now friend’z… behold the treasure…!

La cache !

« Attention geocaching friends ! No need to lift rocks, pick walls apart, or uproot plants... the cache is most likely there, right before your eyes! Remember that your quest must remain environmentally friendly ! Thank-you ! »

If your answers are all correct, the cache’s GPS coordinates will be green on the app. Click on “locate the cache” then let the app guide you!

Cache coordinates: N(P+R)(S-E)° (Q+O).(M+C)(N)' / E001° ((Tx2)+D).(E+L)(N)(A-3)'
 The mystery word is written in the log book, inside the container

borne des mille sources...

Well done, you have found the cache!
See you soon for more adventures!

Contact :

Office de Tourisme Terres de Corrèze (Bureau de Treignac)
1 Place de la République
05 55 98 15 04

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