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Leather tanning History
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Departure spot : Tourist Office (N 45°44,329' / E 001°44,468')

The people of Eymoutiers are called « Pelauds » (person who peels the skin off of animals before tanning it). It is also the name of a small cake you can find in the town’s bakeries…

The Saint Etienne Collegiate church (N 45°44,329' / E 001°44,657')

He is said to have been born in the 6th century, in Scotland or Ireland. One day while Psalmet was playing with his classmates by the seaside, he fell asleep on a cluster of bulrushes. The rising tide circled Psalmet and became a threat. He is said to have prayed God, who made an island rise to save him. He arrived in the port of Saintonge where he was greeted by Léonce. He set off for Limousin and stopped by in a deserted place by Eymoutiers. A wolf ate the donkey that had been carrying his belongings and the saint ordered the wolf to replace his donkey. Psalmet recited the entire psalter and prayed for nights on end which is why he was given the name Psalmet. He delivered a man from a snake that had swallowed him, gave a blind woman eyesight, cured the Duke of Aquitaine’s daughter from a snake bite and is said to have been responsible for many more miracles. Pilgrims swarmed to see Psalmet, who asked God to take away his powers in order to find peace again, and then spent his time praying until his death. He was buried in Eymoutiers where his relics were kept. He is celebrated on 13 June. In the beginning of the 20th century, a small oratory was built to the memory of saint Psalmet, patron saint of Eymoutiers, in the Grigeas forest. 

Enter the church and go to the altar.
At the altar, how many arcades join the sun above your head ?

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of A : A =_____

Just right of the altar is a painting of St Psalmet.

The city hall (N 45°44,291' / E 001°44,693')

When you get here, step beneath the porch to reach the Ursuline convent.

Zabeth will show you the way ...
Count the convent’s arcades.

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of B : B =_____

The town of Eymoutiers, with its Consuls and its chapter of monks, has always strived to teach the children of the parish. During the old regime, there were small schools directed by the chapter’s regents. The Ursuline Congregation, who vowed to give free education to girls from poor families settled in Eymoutiers in 1629.

La Maison des Tanneurs (the tanning house) (N 45°44,422' / E 001°44,698')

Zouti’s helping hand!
How many « X » are there over your head ?

Write this number down. It is the equivalent of C : C =_____

This age-old handicraft reached its peak in the 17th century (there were 20 tanneries in Eymoutiers in 1628). They were all located along the Vienne river, along the rue Farges, at “les Barrys”, and upstream from the Peyrat bridge. The «tanners» took advantage of the large cattle production and high quality raw matter and pure, soft water, to treat the skins after they had dried. Their houses had attics where the skins could be dried.

Head towards "Le Pré l'Annault". Continue to the gateway.  N 45°44 / 315'

The "Jean Jaurès" place (N 45°44,317' / E 001°44,613')

The name "Jean Jaurès" is the actual name of this place, however it had another name previously.
Find this name : The place " de la _________" .
How manu letters make up this name ? 

Write this digit down. It is the equivalent of D : D =_____

The cache !

Dear friends ! The cache is getting nearer ! If you are resourceful, you will easily find me ! 

« Attention geocaching friends ! No need to lift rocks, pick walls apart, or uproot plants... the cache is most likely there, right before your eyes! Remember that your quest must remain environmentally friendly ! Thank-you ! »

If your answers are all correct, the cache’s GPS coordinates will be green on the app.
Click on "locate the cache" then let the app guide you!

Cache coordinates: N 45°44.(C-6)2' / E 00(D-A)°44.61(B-13)'
 The mystery word is written in the log book, inside the container

Well done, you have found the cache!
See you soon for more adventures!

Contact :

Office de Tourisme des Portes de Vassivière
17 Avenue de la Paix
05 55 69 27 81

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