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The CRT’s E-boutique (Guide Le Routard, medals and other items)

Tèrra Aventura’s www.terra-aventura/medailles-et-guides-du-routard E-boutique (hereinafter designated as « E-Boutique ») is managed by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Tourism Board (hereinafter designated as « CRTNA »), a “1901 Law Association” whose headquarters are located at 4 place Jean Jaurès à BORDEAUX.

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- He/she has looked into the delivery conditions before purchasing.

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The CRTNA supplies Users of the E-Boutique with available and verified information and tools. Despite the careful attention put into the follow up of the E-Boutique, the CRT cannot be held responsible for errors or the unavailability of certain information, or the malfunction of any of its features.    

The CRTNA agrees to solve any issues with accessing and/or using the E-Boutique as soon as possible, and thanks its users for informing it of any omissions, errors or corrections, by sending an e-mail to :

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All E-boutique information, namely pictograms, iconograms, photographs, images and texts are protected by patents and/or intellectual property laws,  belonging to the CRT, or that the CRT has the authorization to use.  

Thus, it is forbidden to copy, represent, adapt, translate, modify or transfer content in any way, be it entirely or partially, unless you have been granted prior written permission by the CRT  to do so. This would constitute a copyright infringement in the sense of articles L.335-2 and following articles of the French Intellectual Property Code.  
Paper copies for private use are authorized as stated by article L122-5 of the French Intellectual Property Code 

In order to request use, or for any information about this subject, E-boutique Users are invited to contact the CRTNA at :

Maison régionale du tourisme - Site Tèrra Aventura

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E-Boutique Users may not set up links leading to the E-boutique without prior authorization from the CRTNA. Such requests are to be sent to :

Personal data

Users who become E-Boutique clients must register the following compulsory personal data : first name, last name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number and method of payment.  

This data enables the CRTNA to manage a business relationship with the client, namely to formalize the contract, send out goods ordered from the  CRTNA, ensure follow up and elaborate statistics. 

This personal data is stored for up to 3 years after the client’s last contact or purchase and/or use of a CRTNA service, by the client.  

The client’s payment method data is kept exclusively during the necessary transaction delay, then immediately deleted.  

Personal data collected by the CRTNA is for its purpose alone.

The CRTNA makes sure that only authorized persons have access to this data. However, it can be given to :

- service providers, within the framework of services entrusted by the CRTNA ;

- 3rd parties or legally entitled authorities, to satisfy legal obligations of the CRTNA.

Each client has the right to access, modify, delete, limit, oppose or export his/her own personal data, by contacting :

You may also contact the CRTNA by sending a letter to (join a copy of your ID)  :

Maison régionale du tourisme - Site Tèrra Aventura

30, cours Gay Lussac - C.S. 50095



For further information, please consult the Confidentiality Chart.

Clients can file a complaint to the control authority if the CRTNA fails to respond to successive requests. In France, this authority is La CNIL, 3 place de Fontenoy, TSA 80715, 75334 Paris cedex 07.

Applicable law

Use of the E-Boutique is subject to French law, the only applicable law in this matter. 

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The Tèrra Aventura E-boutique (hereinafter designated as « E-Boutique ») is managed by Spreadshirt ( AG) for the Nouvelle Aquitaine Tourism Board (hereinafter designated as « CRTNA »), a 1901 French law Association, whose head office is located at 4 place Jean Jaurès in BORDEAUX.

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The CRTNA is responsible for the E-Boutique’s content, patterns and texts.

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The E-Boutique is managed via a platform supplied by Spreadshirt ( AG), also accessible via the address: AG

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President of the surveillance council: Łukasz GADOWSKI
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Commerce register: Amtsgericht Leipzig, HRB 22478, Germany

Spreadshirt is responsible for the E-boutique’s technical functions and managing orders.

For any E-boutique order, the client concludes a contract exclusively with the AG company. Only the contract conditions of the company apply to this order. 

Dispute settlements

The platform is neither liable nor prepared to participate in dispute settlements before a consumers’ arbitration court. Clients can therefore use the Online Settlement (OS) platform, set up by the European Commission.