79 - Deux-Sèvres


About jokers
On the mobile app, jokers enable you to automatically replace your incorrect answers and to get to the cache.

You have maximum 3 jokers for the entire game.

Missing a joker? There are several options to recredit your account via your profile.
  • find 10 consecutive caches without using another joker
  • use a joker code offered to you by the Wisement, or a code available during an event or a Tèrra Aventura communication campaign

My bio

Terraventurier qui a découvert les parcours depuis mars 2022 😉 que ce soit en vélo ou à pied, de jour comme de nuit, sous le soleil ou la pluie je suis (presque) toujours partant pour un parcours, seul a 2 ou plus c'est toujours un plaisir 😜 (enfin les niveaux 5 en vélo c'est quand même la mort 🤣)


You and your mates are always on the go, and the number of caches you discovered are as numerous as Zonelib’s military medals! Just like a rolling stone, you are always on the road again... There is no stopping you : A dead smartphone battery? “No problem, we’ll just follow our instinct!” Forgot your picnic? “Who needs to eat anyway?” Staying closely-knit is the secret of your success! Because victory is even sweeter when you share it with your pals!

My adventures

Distance travelled

Occasional sportsman

728.9 / 1000 km


166 caches found

Calories burnt (according to Zéfaim)

20 boîtes de confit

127400 / 175000 kcal

List of caches

No cache selected

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