17 - Charente-Maritime


About jokers
On the mobile app, jokers enable you to automatically replace your incorrect answers and to get to the cache.

You have maximum 3 jokers for the entire game.

Missing a joker? There are several options to recredit your account via your profile.
  • find 10 consecutive caches without using another joker
  • use a joker code offered to you by the Wisement, or a code available during an event or a Tèrra Aventura communication campaign

My bio

Bonjour, Je parcours les quêtes avec ma fille et parfois mon mari. N'hésitez pas à nous saluer sur les parcours.... Nous serons ravis de faire de nouvelles rencontres.

All in the Family

For you, nappies and prams are not an obstacle! In fact, your wee ones already know how to handle a GPS and to make their way through a forest! Their eyes get brighter with each new cache, and admit it : they are constantly at least three feet ahead of you! Nevermind, that just means they’ll sleep well tonight! 

My adventures

Distance travelled

Beginner's level

23.5 / 50 km


9 caches found

Calories burnt (selon Zéfaim)

Quelques douz'aines d'huîtres

4025 / 5300 kcal

List of caches

No cache selected

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