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About jokers
On the mobile app, jokers enable you to automatically replace your incorrect answers and to get to the cache.

You have maximum 3 jokers for the entire game.

Missing a joker? There are several options to recredit your account via your profile.
  • find 10 consecutive caches without using another joker
  • use a joker code offered to you by the Wisement, or a code available during an event or a Tèrra Aventura communication campaign

My bio

Nous sommes Phil et Am et venons de l'univers Terra Aventura était, pour nous, un autre jeu régionalement limité quand, en regardant les caches de notre jeu préféré, nous avons remarqué celles de Terraventura. Cela a été l'occasion de lier les deux et découvrir la nouvelle application. Nous avons, maintenant, dépassé les 140 découvertes et ne nous en lassons pas.

Love cachers

« You write a note in the logbook... No, you... No, you ! » Pay no attention geocaching friends, Zarbi is just being sarcastic because he can’t stand couples… they remind him of how lonely it is to be an outcast! He especially despises geocachers who are good-looking, fit and in love... like you! Your special bond is definitely a plus : you look for hints while your partner takes care of the cache coordinates! A geocaching match made in heave

My adventures

Distance travelled

Occasional sportsman

510.8 / 1000 km


148 caches found

Calories burnt (selon Zéfaim)

5 kgs of Charentes-style snails

89250 / 105000 kcal

List of caches

No cache selected

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