Tèrra Aventura game terms and conditions


The present terms of condition (« TC ») aim to determine the rules for the « Tèrra Aventura » game, created by the New Aquitaine Tourism Board («The CRT»). The present « TC » relates to the rules for using the website and mobile app, as well as for participating in the Terra Aventura game (« the game »). Players may participate by downloading the app on their terminal or by using a GPS and information from the website.

The game organizers are the CRT and its partners : the Creuse, Corrèze and Haute-Vienne tourism agencies, as well as participating Tourism Offices, who are in charge of selecting itineraries in partnership with local authorities.


The terms used in this TC are defined as follows :

  • « Application » refers to the « Tèrra Aventura » mobile application, edited and supplied by the CRT, enabling players to access the game, which is available free of charge, in Apple’s «Apple Store» and Google’s «Google Play Store », to be downloaded by the user on his/her Apple iOS or Android terminal. The Application also includes the content, software, programmes, (programming, browsing…) tools, database, operating systems, documentation and all other elements and services that compose the game, updates and new versions which can be added to the Application by the CRT.
  • «  Website  » refers to the Tèrra Aventura website: http://www.terra-aventura.fr/ 
  • «  User  » ou « Participant » refers to a legal age, natural person (or underage person with parental permission and guidance throughout the game), participating in the game for his/her leisure, for strictly personal (non-commercial) use, and without profit, be it direct or indirect.

Installing the application

By installing the Application on his/her terminal or by using the App, the User accepts, without conditions nor reservation, the complete TC as defined below.

Any use of the Application must comply with and respect the TC.

To access and use the Application, the User must use a compatible phone or mobile terminal and have Internet access.

The Application is downloadable for free via « Apple Store » and « Google Play Store » on the following mobile terminals :

  • Iphone® by Apple® using iOS with iOS 8 or iOS 9
  • Mobile phones using Android® OS 4.4 to OS 4.4.

The Application’s software version may be updated regularly to add new data elements.

Downloading the Application is reserved for the User’s exclusive personal use, in order for the game to run smoothly.


Use of the Application’s geolocalisation feature requires prior permission from the participant, who thus accepts to be geolocalised.

To begin the game, Participants must activate the geolocalisation feature directly, in his/her mobile terminal settings, and accept for the Application to use this geolocalisation.

At any given moment, this feature may be activated/deactivated, free of charge.

Once they have accepted the Application and GPS’s geolocalisation feature, Participants may begin the game and :

  • Visualise their position along the itinerary;
  • Check the different steps along the itinerary;
  • Follow other Participants’ progress.

User obligations

User obligations throughout the game :

All users commit to the following :

  • Choosing an itinerary which is adapted to their age and physical condition, as well as to those of other participants accompanying them. (Itineraries are classified progressively, according to their level. When in doubt, participants should consult participating tourist offices for information about levels of difficulty.)
  • Respecting public pathways they have taken/chosen.
  • Not entering private properties located near itineraries, and not damaging them in any way or form.
  • Not placing in the caches items which are : perishable, dangerous, non-trade objects or items likely to offend other participants, especially children, in any way or form.
  • Respect the French highway code at all times, even for cyclists


Application User Obligations :

All users commit to NOT doing the following :

  • Copying the Application in any way, shape or form (including parts of the App);
  • Using software or procedures in order to copy content from the Application, without permission from the CRT;
  • Exporting the Application or merging it with other computer programmes;
  • Proceeding to adapt, transcribe, modify, arrange, compile, decompile, assemble, transcode any part of the Application ;
  • Installing systems that are likely to pirate the Application.
  • Specific clause for cyclists using the mobile app to do the « special cycling caches » : The Ziclou itineraries are specifically adapted for cyclists. Participants must respect the French highway code at all times. As stated in the law, it is strictly forbidden for drivers/riders to use their telephone while driving/cycling. The use of an ear piece is also prohibited while driving/cycling.
  • For your safety, the app will emit a beep to indicate any nearby steps, danger, riddles, enabling you to stop your vehicle and access the information. Participants must be equipped with an adapted device (ie. a fastening system) conform to the French highway code standards. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Tourism Board cannot be held liable for any possible violation of the highway code. 

Personal information

As stated in the French 6 January 1978 database law, the use of personal information collected on this website is registered at the “Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés” (CNIL - www.cnil.fr).

The user is informed that, as stated in article 27 of the 1978 law mentioned above:

The New Aquitaine Tourism Board can use the information provided by the website users.

Users have access to their information and can modify or remove it by sending an e-mail to les-sages@terraaventura.fr  or by writing to the following address :

Comité Régional du Tourisme de Nouvelle Aquitaine
30 cours Gay-Lussac
CS 500 95

If you ask to modify any of your personal information, you will receive a copy of the modified information.

The information you provide on this website is used by companies we have hired to answer your requests. IP addresses are used only for technical and statistical purposes. Any mail or documents received by e-mail are stored for a year then saved. The personal information you provide is stored for a year then saved.

Guarantee limits

Users must take all appropriate measures to protect their personal data/software installed on their computers and phones, from violations.

The User declares that he/she knows and accepts the features and limits of the Internet, namely the functional features and technical specifications of the internet network ; problems related to connection/website access, problems related to network availability/traffic, problems related to network failure or saturation, transit problems, problems accessing online information, delays involved in displaying, consulting, questioning or transferring information; interruption shortages , the absence of protection against possible hijacking or hacking, risks of contamination by viruses on the network etc… for which the CRT cannot be held responsible.

Furthermore, the CRT declines responsibility for participants misusing the terminal/ and or for any incidents related to the use of the terminal while using the Application. The CRT declines responsibility in case of any type of damage, caused to Users, their terminals, their electronic equipment, telephones and data stocked on any of the above. The CRT cannot be held responsible for consequences of any type of damage should cause on the Users’ jobs.

The CRT cannot be held responsible for GPSs, whether they belong to the User or whether they were rented in a participating Tourist Office.

The CRT cannot be held responsible for the state of pubic paths used by participants searching for caches.

TC Evolution

Applicable TCs are those in effect on the date of the User’s participation.

The CRT reserves the right to modify, at any moment, all or part of the TC without forewarning participants, in order to adapt them to technical or legal evolutions, or when new services are created.

Modifications will simply be put online by the CRT. They are considered to be accepted without reserve by all Participants participating in the game after the modification has been put online.


Any questions about the game/services should be sent to: Comité Régional du Tourisme de Nouvelle Aquitaine – Site Tèrra Aventura - 30, cours Gay Lussac - C.S. 50095 – 87003 LIMOGES CEDEX 1

Applicable law

These terms of condition are subject to French law.

Participating in this game implies total acceptance of these terms.