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The Concept

(Re)Discover Tèrra Aventura!

Tèrra Aventura is a fun way to visit Limousin.
The concept: a high tech treasure hunt on Limousin’s backroads and an initiation to geocaching and to our region’s rich and surprising heritage.

There are 106 caches hidden all over the region: just grab a GPS or a Smartphone (download the following application: iGCT) and set off on an exciting quest, for adventurers of all ages..

Communauté - Flux de la communauté

Guilyan G, has found the cache Faux départ pour Saint Jacques (22/07/2014) did you ?

TotoG, has found the cache Le chemin des poètes (22/07/2014) did you ?

TotoG unlocked the success badge "Apprentice geocacher" (22/07/2014)

Minos87 unlocked the success badge "xXx" (22/07/2014)

Minos87, has found the cache De ponts en ponts, à la recherche des peintres imp (22/07/2014) did you ?

Nie, has found the cache La première pierre du nouvel Oradour (22/07/2014) did you ?

orangeetturquoise, has found the cache Le cochon dans tous ses états (22/07/2014) did you ?

Ekebat, has found the cache La bataille du Mont Gargan (22/07/2014) did you ?

picardes for ever , has found the cache Le trou du Loup (22/07/2014) did you ?

picardes for ever unlocked the success badge "Back to the Origin'z" (22/07/2014)

Chargement du flux...

Earned Zéthiks for Season 4!